Coming soon: Fun English will become Studycat!

A magical English adventure

The new Studycat appStudycat and her friends live in a magical world where you can learn lots of new things and explore, with fun learning quests and games.

In each quest, you’ll follow a learning path. As you complete each game, a new game will open. Games focus on vocabulary, grammar, reading, and speaking skills.

Learn more about what will be changing soon in our new video.


Studycat teaches a combination of English language skills and a strong literacy foundation through engaging app-based learning activities designed by educational experts.


Introducing Studycat’s friends!

Throughout the learning quests, you’ll meet Studycat and her friends.

Studycat and friends

Studycat is a kind and friendly cat with a love of all things learning. She loves nothing more than to share her knowledge and help others to love learning too, including her friends Bob, Kitty, Ali and Tom.  Your child will join this group of cat friends on each quest, because learning is always better together!


What is Active Learning?

It’s important to know that the language learning app you’re using works.

Studycat’s Active Learning methodology is based on the Science of Learning and ensures that your child can progress and improve their skills at a pace that suits them.

  • Input: Kids learn new language through engaging and meaningful activities.
  • Practice: Language is practised and reinforced with scaffolded activities.
  • Output: Showcase learning through activities that require producing the language.
  • Consolidate: Recycling of learning targets and frequent short, fun quizzes ensure learning outcomes.


You’ll see the new world of Studycat arrive first on iOS devices, followed closely by Android.