Active learning

The most effective way for kids to learn language.

Studycat active learning cycle

Combining decades of teaching experience with the latest science of learning.

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Target language is presented through songs, stories, and rich game play environments. Kids learn new language through engaging and meaningful activities.


Target language is practiced and reinforced with scaffolded activities giving your child instant feedback on their learning.


Optimizing learning opportunities through voice games, literacy skills activities, and Studypacks. Giving your child the chance to show what they have learned.


Recycling of learning targets and frequent short, fun quizzes ensure learning outcomes. Consolidating new language frees up brain space for further learning!

Active learning

“Minds on” 100% of the time.

  • Grab their attention with games they’ll love
  • Learn and immediately use new language
  • Increase the challenge over time
  • Give feedback and encourage mastery


Deeper processing means better learning

  • Dive into a huge variety of games and activities
  • Effortlessly arrive in the ‘learning zone’
  • Practice repeatedly without getting bored!


Attention on learning

  • Keep attention on learning and practice with games
  • Stay on task and learning longer
  • No passive video watching


Keep your child learning with increasing difficulty

  • Eliminate boredom with increasing challenge
  • Higher sense of achievement and pride
  • Kids willing to practice language for longer


The driving force of learning

  • Instant feedback for faster, more accurate learning
  • Develops independent learning skills
  • Without feedback, there is no learning
  • There is no learning without errors and feedback

Develop skills

  • Develops resilience and persistence
  • Builds a growth mindset
  • Develops 21st century skills, problem solving and critical thinking