Appliv review of the Studycat app.

Appliv Features Studycat in Top 10 English Learning Apps

Japanese app information site, Appliv recently released their list of top English learning apps and describe Studycat as “a learning app that lets you learn English while enjoying it like a game”.

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Appliv review of the Studycat app.


Studycat in Japan

With the Hanami festival recently taking place in Japan, Studycat released a special app-event for the season. Studytown (the town in the Studycat app) was transformed into a huge Hanami festival, with Studycat and her friends Ali, Tom, Kitty and Bob all taking part in traditional activities and fun.

Here are some reviews from Japanese families and educators about the new Studycat app!


“The lyrics and animations are highly effective for learning basic grammar and words such as comparatives and pronouns naturally, and the songs are rich in variety, so singing along is a lot of fun!”


“Many of the games are intuitive and easy to understand, and even a 4-year-old child enjoys playing them. The songs also rhyme like English songs, and frequently used phrases, prepositions, etc. are incorporated, so it seems that you can naturally remember them while having fun.”

More about Studycat

The Studycat app teaches a combination of language skills and a strong literacy foundation through engaging app-based learning activities designed by educational experts. 

To achieve our mission of inspiring a love of learning, each game provides a contextual learning environment with cute characters and fun activities that gradually increase in challenge, focusing on vocabulary building, grammar skills, spelling, letter recognition and tracing. 

About Appliv

Since its launch in 2012, Appliv has grown into one of the largest app information media in Japan with over 60,000 app listings. They provide a wide range of information related to smartphone apps that meet the needs of users in Japan.


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