Vehicle Song

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Topics: Vehicles

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Bicycles are fun to ride.
We also like our motorbikes.
We can take the bus tonight or drive the car.
Turn on the lights!
Here comes a bicycle!
Here come the bicycles!
Here comes a motorbike!
Here come the motorbikes!
Here comes a bus!
Here come the buses!
Here comes the car!
Here come the cars!

Trucks are big.
They carry things.
Trucks are strong but trains are long.
A boat can go away from land.
But what can fly?
An airplane can.
Here comes a truck!
Here come the trucks!
Here comes a train!
Here come the trains!
Here comes a boat!
Here come the boats!
Here comes an airplane!
Here come the airplanes!

A bicycle.
A motorbike.
A bus.
A car.
A truck.
A train.
A boat.
An airplane!