House – Colouring 1

Skills: Art Reading Speaking Writing

Topics: House

English Furniture Colour and Trace Pages | Printable PDF

Seven English colour and trace pages for ESL, EFL, and young learners. In these activities, students learn the vocabulary sofa, chair, lamp, bed, table, desk, and bookcase.

Have your student colour each picture of furniture. After colouring, trace each letter at the bottom of the page. Can you spell and sound out each word?

What language skills are being developed?

These English furniture colour and trace pages are great resources to introduce early learners to new vocabulary. By combining colouring with letter tracing, students practice:

  • Letter recognition
  • Pre-writing skills
  • Fine motor skills

Teaching nouns to your student

Nouns can be described as people, places or things. Teaching young learners about nouns is often more natural by substituting or switching L1 nouns with L2 or target language words.

We can teach nouns by using the objects around us. What are some things or people around you right now?

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