Colours – Match 1

Skills: Reading Speaking

Topics: Colours

Colours Matching Page | Free Printable PDF

English colours matching worksheet to review the colours red, yellow, blue, pink, and orange. ESL, EFL, and early learners will have fun as they reinforce vocabulary in a natural way.

Have your student use a crayon, coloured pencil, or marker to draw a line from the picture of each object in the kitchen to its colour. After matching, spell out each word and say the word for practice!

What language skills are being developed?

This matching activity is a great resource to introduce early learners to clothes and new vocabulary. Matching activities promote:

  • Vocabulary reinforcement
  • Recall or memory
  • Fine motor skills

Using English with this activity

This activity gives teachers and parents lots of opportunities to incorporate English into the activity. There are many different ways you can engage your student through English!

  • Have students described objects in the picture
  • Make sentences with vocabulary from the picture

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