Animals – Match 1

Skills: Reading Speaking

Topics: Animals

Pet Animal Matching Worksheet | Printable PDF

This English animal matching worksheet is a great way to review the vocabulary dog, cat, bird, fish, mouse, and rabbit!

Have your student draw a line from the picture of the animal to its name. After completing the worksheet, spell the words below the picture. Then read the words with a friend or parent.

What language skills are being developed?

This English worksheet helps students develop recall or memory skills by matching the animal to the word at the bottom of the page.

Whether your student is a native English speaker, ESL or ELL learner, they will:

  • Develop letter recognition
  • Expand English vocabulary
  • Build fine motor skills

Teaching nouns to your student

Nouns can be described as people, places or things. In this matching page, we are working with nouns, because animals aren’t action words or adjectives!

We can teach nouns by using the objects around us. What are some other animals you can think of?

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