Actions – Match 3

Skills: Reading Speaking

Topics: Action verbs

English word phrase matching worksheet English word phrase matching worksheet (1)

English Word Phrase Matching Worksheet | Printable PDF

In this downloadable matching worksheet, students review everyday English phrases. Take a look at each of the English word phrases as the animal friends wake up, go to school, study English, eat supper, take a bath, and go to sleep.

Draw a line from the animal friend to the correct phrase below the picture. After matching each animal to the correct actions, practice reading the phrases!

What language learning skills are being reinforced?

These word phrases are very useful for students in everyday applications. ESL, ELL, and early learners will practice:

  • Letter Recognition
  • Expanding and reinforcing vocabulary
  • Strengthening fine motor skills

These pages can be used for fun at home practice or in the classroom as supplemental materials!

Why are English phrases important in language acquisition?

English phrases, and language phrases in general, are very helpful in language learning. Phrases help students:

  • Begin to communicate in the target language instantly
  • Apply the language in everyday situations
  • Learn proper grammar and sentence structures naturally

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