Actions – Match 1

Skills: Reading

Topics: Action verbs

English action word matching English action word matching (1)

English Action Word Matching Worksheet | Printable PDF

This free English printable teaches young learners the action words jump, run, walk, swim, and fly. Have your student draw a line from the animal friend to the correct word at the bottom of the page.

After completing the worksheet, spell the words below the picture. Then read the words with a friend or parent.

What language learning skills are being developed?

This English worksheet helps students develop recall or memory skills by matching the action to the word at the bottom of the page.

Whether your student is a native English speaker, ESL or ELL learner, they will:

  • Develop letter recognition
  • Expand English vocabulary
  • Identify and use words in everyday application

For extra practice after completing the worksheet:

  • See if you can use the words in a sentence
  • Can you name some of the objects in the backyard?

What are action verbs?

Actions verbs tell us what someone or something is doing. There are many different kinds of action verbs. What are some other words that you can think of?

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