Actions – Cut 3

Skills: Art Speaking

Topics: Action verbs

Cut and paste English phrases Cut and paste English phrases (1)

Cut and Paste English Phrases | Printable PDF

In this downloadable worksheet, Studycat’s friends are having fun in the house, but need help finding where to go. Cut out the friends and paste them in the correct places next to their English phrases.

After pasting the friends on the page, see if you can say what they are each doing!

What language skills are being reinforced?

These word phrases are very useful for students in everyday applications. Whether your student is a native English speaker, ESL or ELL learner, they will:

  • Develop Letter Recognition
  • Expand their vocabulary
  • Strengthen fine motor skills or hand-eye coordination

After completing the worksheets, try using the phrases in conversation throughout your day. This helps strengthen listening and speaking skills and makes for a fun challenge!

How learning phrases helps language development

Learning phrases is very helpful for young learners and ESL students. Beyond learning the alphabet, phrases help to give students immediate communication abilities.

Students also acquire proper grammar and sentence structure knowledge in a natural way through phrases used in daily settings.

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