Actions – Cut 2

Skills: Art Speaking

Topics: Action verbs

Cut and paste verb phrases Cut and paste verb phrases (1)

Cut and Paste Verb Phrases | Printable PDF

In this English worksheet, Studycat’s friends are having fun in the house, but need help finding where to go. Cut out the friends and paste them in the correct places next to their English verb phrases. After pasting the friends on the page, see if you can say what they are each doing!

What English language skills are being taught?

Through this printable, students learn basic verb phrases that they use daily. These phrases can help students learn and apply basic English grammar for:

  • Reading and Writing
  • Speaking and Listening
  • Everyday conversation

Phrases allow students to be able to communicate instantly, while teaching proper sentence structures and syntax.

What is a verb phrase?

From Fun English and our other learning resources, we know that a verb is an action word. When we add a word such as “pictures” after a verb, we have made a verb phrase! So we can say “I draw pictures.” What are some other phrases that you can think of?

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