Actions – Cut 1

Skills: Art Listening Speaking

Topics: Action verbs

Cut and paste English action words Cut and paste English action words (1)

Cut and Paste English Action Words | Free Printable PDF

This free download is a fun way to review the words jump, run, walk, swim, and fly. Studycat’s friends are going to play in the backyard, but need help finding where to go. Cut out the friends and paste them in the correct places next to their English action word.

After pasting the friends on the page, see if you can say what they are each doing
For extra practice, can you name some of the other pictures in the backyard?

Skills we are developing in English

This printable worksheet works to help students practice many different skills in a fun way. By cutting and pasting, young learners practice fine motor and cognitive skills. These are important for developing minds and bodies, as they foster critical thinking and action.

Incorporating tools like scissors and glue allow kids to build hand-eye coordination as they cut out each animal and paste them on the page.

ESL and English language learners also practice cognitive skills such as:

  • Recall or memory by reviewing each action word
  • Thinking and early problem solving abilities
  • Matching – Pictures of actions and words

Cognitive skills at a glance

Children develop different cognitive skills in stages as they age. This worksheet focuses on a child’s sensorimotor skills to manipulate objects through cutting and pasting, as well as pre-operational skills by having them use memory and recall.

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