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Skills: Art Reading Writing

Topics: Action verbs

Verb Phrases Colouring (1) Verb Phrases Colouring (2) Verb Phrases Colouring (3) Verb Phrases Colouring (4) Verb Phrases Colouring (5) Verb Phrases Colouring (6)

Everyday English Verb Phrases | Printable PDF

These seven English worksheets teach early learners about verb phrases. Help colour each animal friend using crayons, coloured pencils, or markers. After colouring, trace each verb phrase below the picture.

Practice spelling and saying each set of words with your friend or Mom and Dad. These English verb phrase printables are sure to help your student as they develop their language skills.

What language skills are we developing?

Through these seven printables, students learn basic verb phrases that they use daily. These phrases can help students learn and apply basic English grammar for:

  • Reading and Writing
  • Speaking and Listening
  • Everyday conversation

After completing the worksheets, try using these phrases throughout your day to practice! These worksheets can be used for fun at home practice or in the classroom as supplemental material.

How do we use verb phrases?

Verb phrases come in different forms. In this set of worksheets, we are learning verb-object phrasing. This is an action (verb) and the object (thing) we are acting on. In everyday English, the action comes before the object. So you read this sentence!

What other kinds of verb phrases can you think of or act out?

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